2020 cover

Marsh Mirror

Jamie Hogan

"On the Maine island where I live, there are wetlands near the sea that provide sanctuary to many birds. The red wing blackbirds are a favorite sight, as are moon rises, and both inspired this art for Luna Press."

2019 cover

Dandelion Moon

Jamie Hogan

"I created this image while dandelions were sprouting all over the Maine island where I live, casting divine seeds of inspiration."

2018 cover

Goddess Rising

Jamie Hogan

"While visiting Dunquin, Ireland I enjoyed daily views of Inis Tuaisceart, one of the Blasket Islands off the Dingle Peninsula. The more I gazed upon its forms, the more I imagined a goddess rising from the sea, ready to embrace the new moon and all its possibilities."

2017 cover

Strawberry Wave

Jamie Hogan

"The hot red arc that peeks above the sea during a Strawberry Full Moon rise is enough to make me gasp, every time. She softens to brilliant peach, yet still casts her sparkle over the waves. The indelible forces of the Goddess bear fruit upon the page, when I head into my studio, still in awe of the visual memory."

2016 cover

Lavender Luna

Jamie Hogan

"Living by the sea affords me the luminous opportunity to watch the moon rise on a regular basis. My lunar calendar gets me to my seat on time for the performance, which never disappoints. The art for this year's 40th cover is about keeping one's moon boat afloat: present and perched on a paper boat under a pastel sky, blessed by divine moonlight and a dragonfly."

2015 cover

Seven Moon Sonata

Jamie Hogan

"Spotting a heron in the low tide is a magical event. I drew upon such an island moment for my Seven Moon Sonata, in which I collaged little moons like buds on a flower.

"The metaphors of flight combined with the seven moons reinforce the power lunar cycles have in my week."

2014 cover

Moon & Water: Old Friends

Joan S. Anderson

"This year's cover is from a series of tiny paintings done on 5 X 8 inch index cards. There is a Zen text by the same name, a teaching by Dogen Zenji, with this lovely quote: 'The mountains belong to those who love them.' Many of the paintings are published in a book/eBook entitled index card paintings: mountains & rivers, available on my website."

2013 cover

Moon and Mountain

Joan S. Anderson

"Living in the land of western mountains, I often draw and paint their portraits. This painting is from a series of imaginary flat-topped mountains, in the colors of The Triple Goddess: black night sky, moon-washed white peak, fiery foothills."

2012 cover

Apple Trees at Moonrise

John C. Menihan

2011 cover

Left Hand Crescent, Red Moon Waning

Joan S. Anderson

"I love the mnemonic of the silhouette of cupped hands to identify waxing and waning moon: right hand waxing, left hand waning — 'mnemomonic' after Mnemosyne, Greek Gooddes of Memory and mother of Muses."

2010 cover

Tiger Moon

Agusta Agustsson

"Mother Tiger awaits a message from Mountain Spirit.
The magpies jeer and cackle while her cubs growl and giggle.
Does Mountain Spirit reveal Herself in cacophonous joy?"

More covers coming soon...